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Welcome to Näsviken, just west of Hudiksvall, some 300 km north of Stockholm

Here we are making maps. Maps for printing as well as maps for screens. Tourist maps, city maps, world maps, industry maps, treasure maps...

If You need a map that doesn´t exist, or doesn´t look the way You want it, contact us. Among the maps we have drawn lately are exotic places (in a swedish perspective!) like Manhattan, Beijing and New Zealand as well as places nearby like Hornslandet, Dellensjöarna, Iggesunds bruk and Öresund.

Just call us for drawing!

All countries on earth in stock!

Drawing maps that are nice-looking and readable on a computor screen is an art in itself. Just scanning a printed map doesn´t work as text and other fine details will be unreadable with the low resolution of a screen. Therefore, maps for web publishing must be designed especially for this medium.

We have produced a collection screen-adapted maps covering all the nations of the world. Together with 10 maps over the continents and maps over the U.S. federal states the collection now comprises 280 maps.

The maps have a standardized format of 639 x 354 pixels, and can therefore be viewed on a 13" screen. Instead the scale is variable. The collection is in swedish but can easliy be translated into other languages. It is up-to-date, complete, clear, unitary, neat... A sample can be found here in the form of a map of Peru:

Please send an e-mail and specify which nation maps You are interested in. The maps are delivered as gif-files. The maps can also be edited and completed for Your special purposes. Since the database is continous other areas can be extracted, for instance a part of a nation or even a bigger region.


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